SENIOR YEAR aka a state of depression 

Sorry it has taken me so long to upload these last two posts. It’s been a mix of not having wifi for a week, taking in every moment of my senior year, my amazing boyfriend visiting and of course getting back into my school work. This year has just begun and I am already dreading the end, I am so not ready for the real world!

The size of my room was the biggest worry I had coming into my senior year. I chose to change my thoughts from glass half empty to glass half full and wow did I achieve the impossible – I made a small room with a king size bed into my own cozy, spacious sanctuary.


“My” room photographed when the previous tenants from last year were living here. (Safe to say this girl needed her own personal cleaning lady!)

Tell me you don’t see a major difference!

Tapestry: bought on a beach in Cinque Terre, Italy!

Paddle: made by my amazing and talented little!

Bag: Patrizia Pepe (also bought in Italy as a treat for myself)

–yes, I still sleep with my teddy bears.

 Peep Pearl!
 Candle: creamy pumpkin (oh, how I wish you weren’t discontinued)

Lamp and mirror: Homegoods

Inscence Buddah: Marshalls

This years fun activities began with another unforgettable pregame, a frat basement, and my first jacks experience! PSA: the pizza is deathly.

The middle of the week definitely didn’t let down either! “You are what you drink” was the first mixer theme. Although, I have to admit I cheated at this theme — unfortunately, I did not drink jack.

Ugh – isn’t he handsome!

To finish the weekend off my boyfriend, my best friends and I danced the night and summer away at D’Jais in Belmar, NJ.

I just couldn’t post and not add one of my favorite parts about this year – MILO!

Until later,

Xx Demi

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