The last-last supper

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore! (Sorry couldn’t resist!)

Going to school is always bittersweet but this year was even more so since it is my last year. So my family and I decided to go out with a bang and have a make-your-own pizza party, and let me tell you — it was delicious! The idea came from Amazon, I know strange! My dad loves to by new inventions and try them out and this weeks was a pizza maker for the grill.

We got the dough, toppings and mozzerella from Marra’s Italian Specialty Shop. Authentic is an understatement!  
The sauce was to die for and hand made by my grandma 😙👌🏼

Somehow, “make-your-own” became “Demi, you’re doing great”. The truth is I didn’t mind making them all, I was having a blast and loved all the compliments (I mean all I did was knead some dough and add the essentials).
It was the perfect last-last dinner home before my senior year!

Until later,
Xx Demi

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