Defying Gravity

Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats a girls day with your best friends. For me, that was last Thursday with my mom and sister. As a well deserved birthday present, my sister and I took our mom out to dinner, in the city, and then to go see Wicked. 

Since we got into the city so early, it was a must to stop for happy hour, especially after seeing the nudity protest. It was fun to walk around time square again, especially with mom and her chic outfit (loving your booties mama!)  

 Dinner at Thalia’s was amazing! Who would have thought “Zucchini as pasta” could be so delicious, but then again I love trying things like that! The mushroom ravioli drizzled with truffle sauce definitely lived up to the waitresses recommendations. The waitress was great, the service was great, the food was great; Thalia’s was without doubt a GREAT choice.

  Obviously pre-ordering wine for intermission was a no-brainier.

The view was great even from up in the front mezz, second row. We had the best time together. The show was wickedly phenominal!! This was the start to a new birthday tradition – I cannot wait for the next one!

Outfit: Brandy Melville

Bag: Petrizia Pepe

Lipstick: Kat Von D (so worth the 2 month back order!)

Until later,

Xx Demi

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