Senior Week

Senior week, while depressing, is an excuse to buy all new outfits to look my absolute best. Fun Fact: I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying new clothes rather than matching old and new pieces together. (This isn’t a good thing for my bank account).

To go to a local bar, I bought a bodysuit to wear with jeans for one of the more casual nights.

Body Suit and Ripped Jeans: Molly and Zoey. Booties: Forever21. Bag: Authentic Italian Lether from my time Abroad: CIAO ITALIA.

Being so close to Atlantic City, a senior trip to the Trump Taj Mahal was a no brainer.

Romper: Misguided at Nordstrom. Suede boots: Steve Madden.

To finish off senior week, we attended a catered dinner at the President’s House, a.k.a my favorite house in the world.

Dress: Lord and Taylor. Shoes: Steve Madden.

Χχ Demi

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