As if I haven’t mentioned it before, one of my favorite parts of life is the privilege of traveling! It doesn’t have to be anywhere far or expensive, but a nice getaway means everything to me. As graduation was approaching, I began freaking out that I was going to be unemployed… So as every unemployed person does, I decided to spend some money I didn’t have and wouldn’t get from a pay check and book a flight to Highland Beach, FL. Okay, soooo maybe this wasn’t so normal! However, I couldn’t resist a couple of days in the sun!

My airport style is pretty casual, I normally wear loose shorts or pants with a nicer shirt. I tend not to wear jewelry, since majority of the time I have to take it off for security. This trip, I stuck with workout clothes. Since it was a short trip, I only brought a carry-on so I tried to save as much room as possible by wearing my gym clothes, rather than packing them!

Every morning we would enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy acai bowls. We were alternating between the beach and the pool but my book came with me wherever we went. My book of choice was Miracles from Heaven.

Beauty Tip: always use sunscreen, even if it is 5SPF, or else you’ll wind up with 2nd degree burns and sun spots like I did. Whoops!

While we were away, we pretty much relaxed by the pool or beach, but at night we took sometime to explore!

I fell in love with this skirt the second I saw it. I had thought a lot about where to wear it while packing for our trip and then it hit me- I totally felt that this skirt was fitting for a Mexican themed night. So I am a total guac girl! I love anything that has avocado! When I saw that Rocco’s Tacos makes table side guac, I knew where we were going to dinner and exactly what I would wear. The Tuesday Taco specials were as delicious as the margaritas were strong! I highly recommend a visit to Rocco’s Tacos, if you ever find yourself near one.

While away, we took advantage of one of the best movie theatres I have ever been to, iPic Theaters! This theater is the totally package, you can either eat in their restaurant or sit at the bar prior to your movie or eat dinner while you watch the movie! If you choose to purchase a Premium Plus ticket, the theatre provides you with a personal waiter/waitress, who quietly serves you as you enjoy your movie! I am ecstatic to announce they are opening 2 more of these amazing theatres within 30 minutes from my house; you no longer have to go to Florida to experience all that iPic has to offer!

This iPic was located in Mizner Park which is filled with quality restaurants and shops! My personal favorite being the macaroon and chocolate shop!

Lastly, we visited an amazing seafood restaurant on the water. The Rustic Inn is such an authentic, fun place to eat. Everyone is cracking their shells on the table while watching the boats drive by, it was an extremely exciting dinner.

There were so many places we wanted to go but we definitely did not have enough time, which means I will just have to take another trip soon!

Shirt: PacSun / Skirt: Topshop at Nordstrom / Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) / Denim Pants: past season Free People / Sandals: Tory Burch / Accessories: Michele Watch (similar) and Rebecca Minkoff

Χχ Demi

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