Violet Voss X Laura Lee Review

Came across this amazing review on the Violet Voss palette and had to share!!
Χχ Demi

lipsticks and things

FullSizeRenderI’m sure most of you already know what this beauty is, but for those of you who don’t… Let me introduce you to the Violet Voss X Laura Lee Collaboration! I ordered this palette on June 29th during the pre-pre launch and I have been waiting to do a post on it for what seems like forever!

This was actually my first time trying Violet Voss shades and for real they are BOMB! That being said, I am aware that this palette is sold out but these shadows are so good that I would seriously buy any other palette that Violet Voss has based on the quality alone!

So let’s get down to the basics, this palette comes with 20 shades and there are variations of matte, metallic and duo chrome shades. These shades are creamy, buttery and the pigmentation is unreal! For the swatches, I did use a primer but…

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