Travel Tips

Traveling is one of my favorite things in the world! I will take any opportunity to go away – even if it’s a simple one night getaway.

I am slowly trying to master the art of travel and I have began to find some little tips and tricks that make a hectic travel day so much easier.


Tip #1 – Always plan your outfits ahead of time, especially for long vacations. Doing this will help you see what outfits you can mix and match. It also helps those who are as indecisive as I am to stop second guessing themselves.

Tip #2 – Bring two basic bags that match almost all of your outfits. I almost always wear gold accessories, so i never go anywhere without my black and gold Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag. My second bag is typically a cream or beige color, depending on the season and my outfits choices. Although, I will normally pack two black bags – one with gold chains and zippers and one with silver.

11698365_10154079433410550_4287567770261728848_n.jpgTip #3 – Always wear something cute, comfortable and reusable to the airport. One of my favorite airport outfits is a pair of black pants (any style – sweat, legging, flared, jeans, etc) paired with a neutral shirt, and a sweater. I am always cold on planes to begin with and it doesn’t hurt to have a sweater wherever you go – it could be cold in restaurants or attractions.

12524104_10154585863740550_2141417132614262343_n.jpgTip #4 – I love to wear sneakers to the airport. 99% of the time, a pair of sneakers completes my outfit, however, they are also one of the heaviest items I pack. By wearing them on the plane, I give myself room to pack more. Plus, I hate taking off my shoes in an airport, and so already having socks on makes me feel a little better about walking around shoeless.

Tip #5 – Bring a carry-on bag that you can use for more than just a carry on. Depending where I am going, I typically bring my Louis Vuitton Never Full bag. By bringing this bag, I can fit a lot inside, but I can also empty it out at the hotel and use it during my trip as a purse.

Tip #6 – Pack Neutral. For long trips it is so much easier to make your limited wardrobe look different and stand out by packing bold accessories and accent pieces. This way you are able to combing two or more pieces to make a brand new outfit.

Tip #7 – Limit the heels to two or three pairs. This is the hardest part of packing for me, but I’m getting used to it and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.


Tip #8 – Don’t forget your sunnies! Sunglasses are one of the easiest and most regrettable things to forget. I like to pack a few pairs to make my outfits look a little different.

Tip #9 – Get your nails done very close to your departure date. I feel confident in saying no-one ever likes the look of chipped nails! I would even go as far as saying that even boys would agree unpolished nails look better than chipped nails.

Tip #10 – Try to pack jewelry that you can mix and match to look different and stand out without having to pack your entire jewelry box.

Hope this helps you on your next trip!

Χχ Demi



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