Lé Clair 

For about a year and a half, all I have wanted is a box of flowers from Venus Et Fleur. These arrangements are a show-stopping statement piece. The moment you see them, you fall in love; it’s impossible not to. 

My wonderful boyfriend knew how badly I wanted one of these arrangements and traveled into the city to get me one for this Valentine’s Day. To his disappointment the iconic box arrangements were sold out and he was offered a limited edition collection called Lé Clair. He did not want to let me down by not getting the original one but he had to take his chances. Let me just say, I was not let down at all!

This new collection was the perfect gift for me. Lé Clair doubles as a flower arrangement and home decor and storage acrylic box. The flowers are protected by a clear, removable, acrylic top. Underneath the roses, is a clear acrylic drawer perfect for storage! I now have a beautiful decoration for my new wood desk and a great place to store my lipstick collection.


​The best part about Venus Et Fleur’s arrangements is that they last a year with essentially no maintenance. They virtually dummy-proof or as I like to call it, Demi-proof! I have a full 365 days to enjoy this amazing gift from my exceptional boyfriend. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Ry, you are appreciated day in and day out. Thank you for being you -and for my amazing flowers! I love you.

Xx Demi


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