My boyfriend and I ventured up to Massachusetts this past December to visit Harvard Law School. The trip took an unexpected turn when it decided to snow 3-4 inches, but it was nothing short of magical. Boston was gorgeous, the architecture was amazing and the streets were so clean, but with a fresh layer of snow, Boston was a winter wonderland.

We didn’t let the snow stop us so we started our snowy morning at Cafeteria. The food was delicious and the mimosa was even better 🥂. Being a breakfast person, I had to order from the brunch menu. The French toast did not disappoint and neither did the maple syrup. (Since the syrup came in individual containers, I asked for extra and snuck them in my bag to take home) I highly recommend trying Cafeteria if you find yourself on Newbury Street. 

Our day continued on Newbury Street, where I completed all of my Christmas shopping. The shopping there was so convenient, however, if you live in New Jersey like I do, you may want to be conscience about buying clothes out of state and save yourself some money on tax. P.S. Make sure you stop by the best store in the whole wide world, the Harry Potter Shop! 

For lunch we tried Stephanie’s On Newbury. While I wish we had gone here for brunch, the food was still really good! The service was exceptional…our waitress was so personable and accommodating, she went out of her way to find me egg nog, which she did not charge me for! She made the experience incredible – I wish I had her name to thank, but thank you mystery waitress.


The whole purpose of the trip was for me to see what one could only explain as a dream school, Harvard Law School, and so the next day we took a tour. Even if you aren’t applying to Harvard, go take a tour -the campus was breath taking! 

We finished our trip in Boston’s North End and the only way I could describe this is the Little Italy of Massachusetts! It was so cute and quaint and it smelt of delicious food. Quattro came highly recommended by a good friend, Layne, and o-m-goodness was she right about this place. The pizza was so delicious, we both ordered our own pies. We saved dessert for Mike’s Pastry A.K.A the biggest and best cannoli I have ever had. There are so many flavors I couldn’t even pick a favorite. Unfortunately, I did not get to try the hazelnut cannoli, which means I just HAVE to go back so that I can! 

I wish I had more/better pictures for you guys but my phone broke the next weekend and I lost mostly everything… boo!

Well these are just a few of my favorite things from our Boston trip -please leave comments with your favorites, I would love to hear if you guys agree with some of mine! Fingers crossed that I hear back from Harvard soon.

Until next time!

Xx Demi

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