Lé Clair 

For about a year and a half, all I have wanted is a box of flowers from Venus Et Fleur. These arrangements are a show-stopping statement piece. The moment you see them, you fall in love; it’s impossible not to. 

My wonderful boyfriend knew how badly I wanted one of these arrangements and traveled into the city to get me one for this Valentine’s Day. To his disappointment the iconic box arrangements were sold out and he was offered a limited edition collection called Lé Clair. He did not want to let me down by not getting the original one but he had to take his chances. Let me just say, I was not let down at all!

This new collection was the perfect gift for me. Lé Clair doubles as a flower arrangement and home decor and storage acrylic box. The flowers are protected by a clear, removable, acrylic top. Underneath the roses, is a clear acrylic drawer perfect for storage! I now have a beautiful decoration for my new wood desk and a great place to store my lipstick collection.


​The best part about Venus Et Fleur’s arrangements is that they last a year with essentially no maintenance. They virtually dummy-proof or as I like to call it, Demi-proof! I have a full 365 days to enjoy this amazing gift from my exceptional boyfriend. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Ry, you are appreciated day in and day out. Thank you for being you -and for my amazing flowers! I love you.

Xx Demi


The Purpose Tour

As hard as I tried, I could not resist buying last minute Justin Bieber tickets and I’m so happy I couldn’t! 

His concert was so great! The lighting, the sound, the songs….him dancing. I loved it all! 

Not to be selfish, but one of my favorite parts of the night was my outfit! The best part was that I found it all the second I walked into each store.

These ripped shorts were on the wall of Topshop in Nordstrom and they were what I have been looking for all summer. They are high waisted and looser around the thighs. Downstairs of Nordstrom, I found these beautiful lace up shoes, also Topshop. I decided to push my luck and run to Forever 21 for a top. I walked in and found this lace up top and decided to just get it and hope it didn’t clash with my shoes. As I was leaving I stopped back in Nordstrom to look at the Swell  bottles and instead found the cutest BaubleBar bracelets to complete my outfit! 

Thanks for a great note JBiebs! 


Shirt: Forever21 (similar) // Shorts: Topshop // Shoes: Topshop (similar) // Accessories: BaubleBar & Hazel Boutique

Χχ Demi

A Few of My Favorite Things

This summer I’ve made a few purchases that I simply can’t get over! 

First, are these gorgeous Free People Dahlia tie-up sandals. Truth be told, they can get a little annoying when they untie and fall down, which happens often, but they are so worth the aggravation. I can match these beauties with almost any and everything. They make every outfit more eye catching.

My next obsession is this all white outfit I purchased for my graduation dinner. Not only was it light and summery, but also it was extremely flattering. This Free People Move Along white body suit was tight in all the right places, yet still comfortable. It was simple, sexy and a perfect to these gorgeous white Olivaceous Hi-Waist Wrap Pants.

Obviously everyone has been jumping on the SWELL water bottle craze, but I really just hate hot drinks on a hot summer day, so I figured “why not give it a try”. I finally caved and bought a SWELL bottle and oh my goodness – it was worth it! I forgot my ice water in the car yesterday and when I brought it in this morning, it was still icy!! I’m obsessed with the look of the bottles and even more thrilled that they actually work.

Lastly, I’m completely obsessed with face masques, specifically Kiehl’s Nature Powered Masque Collection. It is so easy on the skin, it clears the pores without drying out one’s skin. I apply one of the three face masques once a week for ten minutes and it makes my face look so clear and clean! My personal favorite is the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, but they’re honestly all so good! 

These are just a few of my favorite purchases this summer! I’ll be sharing more later on in the week. Make sure to check back for more must-haves!

Χχ Demi


Once I find something I LOVE, I can’t keep it to myself. I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect keychain, something that makes my keys stand out. I like when one product can look classy, yet fashion-forward at the same time! 

I found ElleroseUS through Snapchat. One of the most creative people I ever met created these gorgeous key chains out of no where. 

The second I saw these, I called her and placed an order for mine! 

Each key chain is made from genuine Louis Vuitton leather and they are all hand-made, hand-designed and hand-painted!

I highly recommend these key chains, they complement every key, outfit and look! 

To purchase your own ElleroseUS key chain, Click Here

Χχ Demi

The Evoque 

I decided to make my first official post-grad important purchase, a new car! I traded in my Nissan Rogue for a brand new Range Rover Evoque.

I have to admit for the first time, I was more nervous about the price than I was excited for a new car. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m completely obsessed. The Evoque is a beautiful car! It’s sleek, smooth, technologically advanced and extremely luxurious. 

This car is almost flawless- except there is no SiriusXM. For me this is a big downside, but if that is my only complaint then I’d say it’s as close to perfect as it gets. 

Exterior: Fuji White with a Santorini Black Roof

Interior: Ebony/Ivory 

​Accessories: Navigation, Heated Seats, Bluetooth, InControl Remote, Electric Truck, Seat Memory, Rearview Camera, Blindspot and Parking Assist, Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Windshields, Sunroof, and so much more! ​​

​Shifting gears is definitely one of my favorite parts of my new car! 

A major thank you to the Prestige Range Rover Dealership of Paramus for helping get my dream car!

New car outfit || Shirt: Gypsy Warrior / Shorts: TopShop / Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith

Χχ Demi


As if I haven’t mentioned it before, one of my favorite parts of life is the privilege of traveling! It doesn’t have to be anywhere far or expensive, but a nice getaway means everything to me. As graduation was approaching, I began freaking out that I was going to be unemployed… So as every unemployed person does, I decided to spend some money I didn’t have and wouldn’t get from a pay check and book a flight to Highland Beach, FL. Okay, soooo maybe this wasn’t so normal! However, I couldn’t resist a couple of days in the sun!

My airport style is pretty casual, I normally wear loose shorts or pants with a nicer shirt. I tend not to wear jewelry, since majority of the time I have to take it off for security. This trip, I stuck with workout clothes. Since it was a short trip, I only brought a carry-on so I tried to save as much room as possible by wearing my gym clothes, rather than packing them!

Every morning we would enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy acai bowls. We were alternating between the beach and the pool but my book came with me wherever we went. My book of choice was Miracles from Heaven.

Beauty Tip: always use sunscreen, even if it is 5SPF, or else you’ll wind up with 2nd degree burns and sun spots like I did. Whoops!

While we were away, we pretty much relaxed by the pool or beach, but at night we took sometime to explore!

I fell in love with this skirt the second I saw it. I had thought a lot about where to wear it while packing for our trip and then it hit me- I totally felt that this skirt was fitting for a Mexican themed night. So I am a total guac girl! I love anything that has avocado! When I saw that Rocco’s Tacos makes table side guac, I knew where we were going to dinner and exactly what I would wear. The Tuesday Taco specials were as delicious as the margaritas were strong! I highly recommend a visit to Rocco’s Tacos, if you ever find yourself near one.

While away, we took advantage of one of the best movie theatres I have ever been to, iPic Theaters! This theater is the totally package, you can either eat in their restaurant or sit at the bar prior to your movie or eat dinner while you watch the movie! If you choose to purchase a Premium Plus ticket, the theatre provides you with a personal waiter/waitress, who quietly serves you as you enjoy your movie! I am ecstatic to announce they are opening 2 more of these amazing theatres within 30 minutes from my house; you no longer have to go to Florida to experience all that iPic has to offer!

This iPic was located in Mizner Park which is filled with quality restaurants and shops! My personal favorite being the macaroon and chocolate shop!

Lastly, we visited an amazing seafood restaurant on the water. The Rustic Inn is such an authentic, fun place to eat. Everyone is cracking their shells on the table while watching the boats drive by, it was an extremely exciting dinner.

There were so many places we wanted to go but we definitely did not have enough time, which means I will just have to take another trip soon!

Shirt: PacSun / Skirt: Topshop at Nordstrom / Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) / Denim Pants: past season Free People / Sandals: Tory Burch / Accessories: Michele Watch (similar) and Rebecca Minkoff

Χχ Demi

Senior Year

Senior Year is full of “lasts”. It’s actually quite sad, but taking my last round of school pictures this year was extremely bittersweet. It was such an exciting moment…this is really real! I’m graduating! I did it! However, I cannot believe it’s over, so please stop saying the G-word.

Regardless of what others thought, getting. My makeup done was a no-brainer to me. There was no room for mess ups when it came to my senior pictures and I am happy with my choice!
Makeup: Mac

Lipstick: Mac (Viva Glam II)

Another last was my last fall formal. That was very depressing! Formal is just one of those things that are fun, exciting and unforgettable! Again, I got my makeup done and was very happy with the results.

  We danced all night, took the funniest pictures and had the best fall formal ever!

 Dress: Nasty Gal

Shoes: Steve Madden

Makeup: Mac

Xx Demi

Gobble Gobble

It’s that time of year again…food coma, good eating, thanksgiving time! I am so lucky to have such good cooks in my family because thanksgiving gets more and more delicious every year! This year I attempted three deserts. To start off I made fall colored rice crispies, along with pumpkin cookies and Oreo truffles with a turkey beak. They were all a hit!

  Grandma and I celebrated in style. Grandma is wearing all Nordstrom (obviously, our favorite store).

Knitted top: Forever 21

Accessories: Initial necklace and earings curtesy of Avo’s Elegant Jewelry and Layla The Puppy Dog

Lipstick: have to get back to you on that one! I borrowed it from my sister and fell in love with it, still need to go by myself that color!

I am thankful for everything I have been blessed with in my life.  I have the most amazing support system and family, who I love more than life. It’s so important to be thankful for all the good in your life!
Xx Demi

The Great Fratsby

My overall favorite book and movie (with the exception of the Harry Potter series) is The Great Gatsby!

The book, the 20’s, the outfits, the cars and the music! All of it! Out of tradition every year my sorority throws a Great Fratsby event in the books honor.

  Outfit: Free People

Shoes: Steve Madden
Jewelry: forever 21

Hairpiece: Icing

Lipstick: Mac (Diva)

Xx Demi

Jungle Fever

Hi there! Just a short post but I was obsessed with this jungle themed event and just had to share. My friends and I dress up as the pink panther, simple but cute!  We just some pink blush to contour our faces and black eye liner to excentuate the colors!

Simple black leather leggings, a cute forever 21 crop top and a fun pink boa!

Until next time!

Xx Demi